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5th May 2022

#19 Jacinto Sá on transparent solar cells and doing what’s best for the success of the company

Jacinto is Chief Science and Innovation Officer and most importantly founder and brain behind the technology of Peafowl Plasmonics as well as Professor at Uppsala University in Sweden. We learn about his journey from research to startup and he gives us an understanding of plasmonics, the physics of solar cells and the new opportunities his research brings. With a platform technology like his, Jacinto shines light on how he thinks about finding the best use case for your technology.

We learn about the specialties of the Swedish tech transfer system, how they think in a circular manner but also about the moral responsibility that Jacinto thinks lies on scientists to make use of their technology. And most importantly, we get to know Jacinto as someone who is a master at separating his ego from the success of his company. We hear the story of how he found an external co-founder and CEO and built a trustful relationship with him to make Peafowl Plasmonics succeed.

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